What is a Dream Job?
Coming up with great ideas far ahead of the competition, so you can comfortably create them with joy.
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Perks Of Working With Us
We promote from within, so you have places to go with us.
Freedom and flexibility to focus on doing what you love.
We work remotely so we can get the best people around the world.
Good communication instead of endless meetings.
We don't like hierarchies and we dont sweat the small stuff.
Come visit and work in one of our many offices in the US.
About Doctor Alliance
We are a leading document processing and clinical services platform in the US, offering healthcare organizations inventive turnkey services.
We are used every day by thousands of physicians and nurses in all 50 states, so your work will be seen and your efforts will acknowledged.
We combine the best of engineering, marketing, sales, business and human resources, to create good work with good people in a pleasant way.
Spotlight On
Regional Development Representative
" I hold the keys to the success of my market. We have amazing tools and superhero visibility to determine how we react to regional challenges, and have the freedom to optimize and change our approach. I can see how my methods are working with real-time smart data on my customers."

James Frank, Doctor Alliance
Available Positions
Customer Success Specialist - SaaS & Healthcare Services
Qualification : PGDM / MBA in specialization with Marketing

Primary Role : proactively look out for customers’ business, suggesting new and innovative ways to keep them succeeding with products

Core Responsibilities :

Develops Healthy Customer Relationship
Enhance Customer Training
Evaluates and Analyzes Customer Needs
Builds Trust and Transparency with Clients
Onboard New Clients
Encourages Customers to Upgrade their Products
Promotes Customer Loyalty
Improve Customer success metrics (NPS, NRR)
Improve customer experience through product support and handle customer complaints and requests.
Minimizing Churn
Paid Internship : Growth & Marketing
Qualification : MBA in Healthcare

Primary Role : Enable in Market Data Research and Generate Qualified Leads in designated US Territory.

Growth Path: Getting absorbed as Physician Growth Executive, and to eventually grow as Physician Growth Lead / Manager.

Core Responsibilities :

Drive the Top End of the Marketing Funnel
Market Research in the Designation Territory in US
Facilitate Lead Generation for the Sales Team
Build Contact Database of Client Entities spanning Physician Groups, Agencies, Hospitals
Build Relationships with Practitioners (Physicians), Office Managers, Corporate Level Executives
Influence Client Entities in moving up the Value Chain from Freemium to Paid Services
Building Sales pipeline through designated Tools such as pipedrive / Zoho CRM / HubSpot
Things we don't do
60h work weeks
Get caught up in red tape
Meetings about meetings
What We Do
Collaborate constantly
Incentivize employee growth
Care about our craft
Our Philosophy
As innovation leaders, we work on our own products, not for other companies, and build a creative culture, not a corporate one.
Homework has a whole new meaning
Our people are not from around our offices in Texas or India. They are from all over the world. We hire the best, not the closest. Are you the best? Join us!
Worldwide Offices
Remote work is supported by in-person work, for team building, problem solving, and new team introductions. You will have an opportunity to visit our locations in both US and India.
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